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Discover a DJ can help with the above promotions and more. We guarantee to promote everything you wish to be promoted. We can also assist with any prizes, competition giveaways and organiser Interviews if required

Why not book Gavin, for a memorable Promotional Event with a difference!


Promotional Events

Gavin is not only a professional mobile DJ, but is also a BUSINESS and SPECIAL EVENT PROMOTER.

This is how it works

With our PROMOTIONAL EVENT service, Gavin will play popular background music at a suitable volume and in between songs will MC using a warm and lively microphone approach using highly professional DJ equipment.

Gavin will make any special announcements you require and will continually help to PROMOTE any products, services, displays, stalls and specials etc, that are happening on the day.

Gavin’s experience is ideal for your promotion. He has extensive music knowledge, works in Sales, is a volunteer Radio Presenter with 99.7 FM at Redcliffe and has been the MC for many Weddings.

Ideal for Businesses, Clubs, Schools + Organisatons

Having a DJ playing popular music is excellent for promoting. It creates a happy atmosphere for the organisers and their guests.

When advertising your promotion, advise there will be a DJ there. It could make all the difference. Our promotional service is not expensive and will be a very good investment for your business or organisation.

This service is available for 2 to 4 hours between 10am and 2pm on weekends. If you are interested in our promotional service. Please book in advance.

Gavin will work with you to meet your requirements and will deliver an entertaining and promotional experience for everyone to enjoy. We believe we can help make your promotional event very successful